sausage (plural: sausages)

  1. A food made of ground meat and other animal parts, herbs and spices, and sometimes other ingredients, generally packed in a casing (traditionally the intestines of the animal), and preserved in some way; usually somewhat hard and cut into slices for eating.
  2. A small, soft version of this food that must be cooked before eating and is often sold in strings.

7 letters in word "sausage": A A E G S S U.

Anagrams of sausage:

Words found within sausage:

aa aas ae ag aga agas age ages ags ague agues as asea ass ea eas eau eaus es ess gae gaes gas gases gau gaus gauss gu gue gues guess gus sae sag saga sagas sage sages sags sau sea seas seg segs sue sues sus ug ugs us usage usages use uses

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